What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a Council of Governments made up of approximately sixty Ohio school districts –– mostly high-performing, high tax effort, above average wealth districts –– dedicated to the concept that school funding should be the State’s number one priority, that education is the single, most important factor for ensuring sustained economic growth in the state, and that objectively determined, stable, adequate funding levels are the only way to guarantee appropriate educational opportunities for all of Ohio’s youth and satisfy the state constitution’s “thorough and efficient” clause..

Originally known as the Alliance for Adequate School Funding, for the past twenty-plus years, the Alliance has sought responsible solutions for school funding problems, including participation in the development of reforms in special, career/technical and gifted education; crafting additional local funding options to allow some growth in local revenues; protecting, to the extent possible, district tax bases; facilitating research into more objective school funding formulas; and, generally advocating for sufficient educational resources for every Ohio public school student regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic circumstance.

Since changing its name in 2009 to the Alliance For High Quality Education, the Alliance has also actively participated with the other education management organizations in the frequent debates about education policy issues not related to funding, such as choice, district and school grade cards, collective bargaining, personnel evaluations, etc.

The Alliance provides the outstanding education professionals from its member districts the opportunity to contribute to the development of policy recommendations and initiatives and participate in the strategic and tactical efforts to achieve the legislative success necessary to convert those recommendations and initiatives into state educational policy.

For a more detailed summary of the benefits to school districts of active membership in the Alliance, please visit our “Benefits of Membership” page on this website.

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Alliance for High Quality Education