Benefits of Membership

  1. The opportunity to interact with and develop legislative strategies and tactics with, and work in concert with, approximately 60 other similarly situated, high-performing districts around the state;
  2. A consistent presence at the Statehouse;
  3. Daily interaction with the leadership of the other education management organizations to convey the interests and concerns of Alliance member districts;
  4. Contributing to and benefiting from a coordinated, statewide effort to impact issues affecting high performing, high wealth districts;
  5. Participation in ongoing, coordinated initiatives, in conjunction with the other education management organizations, to educate legislators and state administration officials about desired policy and funding changes, while always representing the unique circumstances and concerns of high performing, higher wealth districts; and
  6. Affiliated with the organization that has led and/or heavily contributed to:
    • The fight to develop objectively-based school funding concepts;
    • Opposition to the ‘Robin Hood’ concept;
    • Conversion of special education and career/technical funding from the unit concept to weighted funding
    • Preservation of TPP funding following the adoption of tax reform in 2005;
    • Resistance to proposed state aid cuts for high wealth districts in both the 2010-11 and 2012-13 budgets;
    • The ongoing effort to raise the minimum per pupil state aid amount to no less than that received by chartered non-public schools for auxiliary services and administrative reimbursement;
    • Efforts to repeal or modify H. B. 920 or develop other options that would permit growth in property tax levies; and
    • The development of a more comprehensive school report card system based upon quality principles and tailored to individual district needs.
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